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Alex Struss

Sales Executive

A highly personable, professional and very focused individual, Alex Struss is blessed with a rare honesty and genuine empathy that clients find instantly assuring and comforting.

Displaying excellent negotiation skills and incredible service that knows no boundaries, Alex cites his greatest motivation as achieving results that are well beyond his client’s expectations.
The dynamic corporate culture and vision of Burton & Ryan Property Agents is closely aligned with Alex’s own professional belief that excellent service should never be compromised. He delivers unparalleled levels of skill and experience to give exceptional service to his clients.

His success is based on the premise that honesty, personal attention, enthusiasm, competency and reliability will yield excellent results for each and every customer.

He understands the individual needs of sellers and buyers and is able to work with them to structure a plan to fit their lifestyle. Alex’s strength is listening rather than talking, “by listening you will learn a lot more about your clients’ needs, what the buyers are wanting and what the marketplace is saying”. These are the primary ingredients for a successful negotiation and eventual sale. From there we can structure a customised marketing strategy to suit the sellers’ objectives, thereby making the most delicate situation into a seamless experience.